Securing Your Success:

    Cybersecurity Integration, Simplified.

    UNECE R155/R156 Implementation and Integration of CSMS and SUMS

    We collaborate closely with you to ensure that your embedded systems products are protected with state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures throughout their entire lifecycle, starting from the initial request for quotation and continuing until the decommissioning stage.

    ISO 21434 Road Vehicles - Cybersecurity Engineering

    With our ISO 21434 service, you can meet the most stringent automotive cybersecurity requirements. We offer expert guidance on risk management and securing your product throughout its entire lifecycle, from concept and development to production, maintenance, and decommissioning.

    ISO 24089 Software Updates Engineering

    We ensure compliance with ISO 24089 by managing software updates throughout the entire lifecycle of automotive products, including planning, testing, deployment, and monitoring. This approach helps organizations meet regulatory obligations, lower risks related to updates, and enhance the quality of their software environments


    Our training sessions cater to different levels of expertise and cover regulatory, technical, and process aspects. We provide training on deriving and defining system requirements based on stakeholder needs, including designing the system architecture, defining software-level requirements and architecture.

    ISO 62443 Cybersecurity

    Secure industrial automation and control systems with our expertise in ISO 62443, protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

    System-Level Cybersecurity Engineering

    Expert analysis and solution implementation at the system level, enhancing security without impacting project lifecycles.

    Software-Level Cybersecurity Engineering

    Secure software development through precise cybersecurity architecture and coding practices enforcement. We offer guidance for seamless security integration into software processes.

    Cybersecurity Testing

    We provide assistance in creating test cases and conducting testing at multiple levels, including system and software, to minimize component weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Additionally, we perform penetration testing to demonstrate the attainment of cybersecurity objectives.